ProPay Merchant Accounts
- Simple Sign Up, Instant Underwriting, Great Value!

ProPay is pleased to partner with StoresOnline to offer best-in-class merchant services. Having underwritten over 1.3 million merchants, ProPay Accounts are the fastest and easiest way for you to begin accepting credit cards.

''It has been unbelievable what [ProPay] has done for my business. Just the convenience alone in the way ProPay is set up compared to other merchant credit card services. It is so fast, it's so easy.'' -Scott
What Makes ProPay Merchant Accounts Best-in-Class?

Simple Sign Up - With ProPay, simply complete an online, one-page form and you are done. No need to provide extensive personal documentation, statements and personal guarantees.

Instant Underwriting - Normally, we can underwrite applicants within 10 to15 minutes and enable your business to start accepting and processing credit cards.

Annual Account Fee $99.95
Processing Rates
Visa®/MasterCard®/Discover® 2.69%
American Express® 3.19%
Per Transaction Fee $0.25
ACH Transfer Fee $0.30
Monthly Fees None
Statement Fees None
Gateway Fees None
Set Up Fees None
Monthly Minimums None
Contract Commitments None
Great Value - With ProPay, what you see is what you get - A simple and straight forward account fee and transaction fee structure. No hidden or add-on fees.

In addition to integrating with your StoresOnline Website, ProPay provides other flexible ways for you to process credit and debit cards including:

ProPay Online Virtual Terminal - Using ProPay’s simple online interface, you can securely process credit cards or debit cards directly through your ProPay Account from any computer with an Internet connection. You receive an immediate authorization (approval or decline) for each transaction. The Online Terminal is included with your ProPay Merchant Account.

ProPay Mobile - If you own a Smartphone you can accept and process credit and debit cards anywhere your data plan takes you; through the ProPay Mobile Web Interface.

ProPay Phone Processing - With a ProPay Account you get the ability to process transactions using any touch-tone telephone, including cell phones. As with our Online Terminal, you receive an immediate authorization (approval or decline) for each transaction.

Sign up today and let ProPay jump start your business